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People shop near home mostly and most business activities happen inside a City,
but when they search Amazon.com or Google.com, they are searching whole world's data globally, not enough to find out everything in a City!

So there is a real need to build 'Local Amazon' or 'Local Google' to search data only in a City, but technically, it is more difficult to do!
CityAmazon.com (previously GoogleByCity.com) might be the first & unique 'Local Amazon' or 'Local Google' to resolve this world-wide big issue perfectly.
WpgAmazon.com makes great convenience for Winnipeggers to shop online locally for items in Winnipeg, can also search other business info in Winnipeg!
Apart from searching item name or web page title, can also search Zip to find out items near home for easy pickup or delivery - world-wide unique feature!

CityAmazon.com is another milestone advanced search engine: apart from searching globally, can also search data in a city
CityAmazon.com can be a big department store's 'Mini Amazon', save cost and better than home designed one
CityAmazon.com can be a shopping mall's 'Mini Amazon', each web store has search and all web stores searched together
CityAmazon.com can be a city's 'Mini Amazon', search items by city and category
CityAmazon.com can be whole world's 'Mini Amazon', match Amazon and Google's weakness to search local info in a city!

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